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Slashing Damage - Acrylic, Glimmer/White (14) Dice

Slashing Damage - Acrylic, Glimmer/White (14) Dice

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Base Set:

  • 2d4
  • 4d6
  • 2d8
  • 2d10
  • 2d12
  • 2d20

Polyhedral dice specifically designed and produced for rolling Slashing damage in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. The base set of 14 dice can be used as your main set, or as a stylish supplement. 

Available in three colorways: Glimmer/Grey & White, Glimmer/Grey & Red or White/Clear & Red. Pick your favorite, or use 2–3 to roll your multi-attacks all at once and know which d20 goes with which damage die!

Here for Cloud of Daggers, Wrath of Nature, or similar reasons? We got you—each die size is available in sets of 4 to stock up on just the dice you need.

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