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Pathfinder RPG (2E): Lost Omens Firebrands

Pathfinder RPG (2E): Lost Omens Firebrands

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Rebels with a cause! The Firebrands were born in the flames of rebellion, eventually becoming some of the Inner Sea’s most well-known adventurers. Lost Omens Firebrands takes a detailed look at the characters that choose to take on oppressors or simply head out on adventures for fame and fortune. This book presents information on the Firebrands organization, from membership, to spreading the word of rebellion, to the missions to defeat tyranny, and the types of daredevil antics they perform for fun. The book also features new rules content including new equipment, magic items, spells, and support for archetypes for players who want to play a Firebrand in their campaigns!

★ Paizo’s first ever exploration of the Firebrands, one of the core factions of the Pathfinder world.
★ Provides plenty of player options and adventure hooks suitable for players and Game Masters alike!
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