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Horizon Zero Dawn - Forge and Hammer Exp

Horizon Zero Dawn - Forge and Hammer Exp

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The smell of smoke hangs heavy in the air. You hear the metallic clash of strange machinery echo through the valley. Welcome to the Claim.

This expansion takes you into territory of the Oseram tribe. Harness the awesome destructive power of the Oseram Mixologist and Oseram Tinker to defeat your foes. These technologically skilled hunters give you two brand new ways to play.

Because the Oseram are skilled in metalwork and crafts, you’ll also get an arsenal of new equipment to upgrade your hunters, fabricated by the most skilled artificers in the Claim.

As for encounters, uncover an all-new tracking deck featuring dangerous and agile enemies that require careful planning to bring down. Take on Chargers, Lancehorns, Glinthawks, and Ravagers. Remember, some enemies have weapons that can be turned against them…

The Claim is sure to test your mettle as a hunter!

Explore a brand new corner of the Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game universe with The Forge and Hammer Expansion!
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