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Votes For Women

Votes For Women

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From a small gathering in Seneca Falls, New York to the ratification of the 19th Amendment, the Women’s Suffrage Movement waged a seventy year battle to secure the most fundamental right of citizenship for half of the American population. While the 19th Amendment by no means guaranteed every woman access to the ballot, it stands as a testament to the power of movements and the brilliant determination of its members. The story of how suffragists won Votes for Women has never been more relevant given the resurgent movement politics of today. 

Votes for Women captures and celebrates the struggle by inviting players to join the suffrage movement, organize support, and campaign for victory across the 48 states that were called to ratify the 19th Amendment in 1919-1920. The card-driven game can be played cooperatively, competitively, or in solitaire mode, and in each version players must navigate the historic events, movement schisms, and political challenges of the era to win. The board is simple to set up and the artwork is inspired by the classic designs used by suffragists themselves.

The deck of over 100 stunning cards feature period art, portraiture, and historic documents and include event instructions that can either be played or discarded to campaign or organize their side of the issue. Campaigners move across the premium mounted map to distribute political capital with a roll of the included dice that will determine whether each state votes to ratify the amendment or opposes the Vote after three eras of play. Dig deeper into the history and maneuver through the critical choices that suffragists faced for a chance to guarantee equal franchise for all and win Votes For Women!

 Votes for Women comes with the following:

  • A beautiful mounted game board featuring a map of the continental United States
  • Over 100 high quality cards that feature portraits, historical documents and stunning artwork from the period
  • 18 organizing buttons
  • An illustrated, easy-to-understand rule book
  • An original historical essay and numerous historical documents and postcards from the struggle
  • Over 300 wooden pieces and sixteen dice
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