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Vivid Collection - Deluxe Alcove Edge Deck Box - Red - (Pre-Order)

Vivid Collection - Deluxe Alcove Edge Deck Box - Red - (Pre-Order)

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The Deluxe Alcove Edge card storage containers feature a luxury Alcantara microsuede material. Store and protect up to 100 standard size trading cards double-sleeved in Ultra PRO Deck Protector® sleeves. This Deck Box® is made with a durable molded interior for maximum card protection. Dual thumb notches provide easy access to your cards when you are ready to play. Multiple magnets and a locking mechanism keep your cards securely stored when not in use. UPgrade your favorite Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Flesh and Blood, or standard size TCG deck with the Vivid Deluxe Alcove Edge!

★ Red and Beige Vivid Deluxe Alcove Edge card storage container
★ Side-loading Deck Box® that holds up to 100 standard size cards double-sleeved
★ Molded interior and luxury AlCantara materials for superior card storage
★ Strong magnetic closure featuring multiple magnets to hold the lid securely shut
★ Lid unfolds to reveal dual thumb notches for easy access to your deck

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