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One Two Many Rabbits - (Pre-Order)

One Two Many Rabbits - (Pre-Order)

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One Two Many Rabbits is a fun, fast-paced, family friendly card and dice game that is easy to learn and takes about 10 to 20 minutes to play. The main rules are for 2-4 players, but also included are rules for a one player game so that people can try their hand at some solo play. The rabbits of Wiggins Farm have gotten out of control. While Farmer Wiggins was away on vacation, the rabbits got into the house where they kept the sports equipment, the art supplies, the cosplay costumes and the box of classic movies. The farmer arrived home to find the place overrun with all kinds of rabbits. He's calling upon you, the luckiest person he knows, for help to get these rabbits back into their rabbit hole where they belong. It's a big job. There are a LOT of rabbits to round up. Maybe even one too many---but if you hop to it, you can save the day.
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