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Fall of The Mountain King - Kickstarter Deluxe Edition

Fall of The Mountain King - Kickstarter Deluxe Edition

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The gnome attack was sudden and relentless. They swarmed our tunnels, defiling our mountain home and driving us from our ancestral caverns. Trolls from every clan rushed to the heart of the mountain to defend our Great Halls. We've lost track of how long we've been beating back the endless waves of invaders. Soon, it will be time for a final stand. Will we rise up like champions, or be driven out to the wilderness to fight for survival? Sharpen your blades, brothers and sisters! Raise your hammers! If we trolls must fall, we'll fall fighting like kings!

Fall of the Mountain King is a standalone prequel to In the Hall of The Mountain King, set during the catastrophic war that drove the trolls from their mountain kingdom generations ago. Build your ancestry to drive your actions in the caverns, win the loyalty of the clan Champions, and strive to be trolldom's greatest defender against the gnomish onslaught.

This Kickstarter Deluxe Edition includes (items in blue are exclusive to the Kickstarter Edition):

  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 1 dual-layered Clan board
  • 1 Gnome Wheel Board
  • 72 gold-foiled Ancestry cards
  • 44 Chamption Cards
  • 7 Gate Cards
  • Challenges mini-expansion
  • 5 starting Ancestry cards
  • 5 Player Mats
  • 21 Champion Tiles
  • 5 Wave III Champion tiles
  • 10 Lair Tiles
  • 12 silver-foiled Great Hall Tokens
  • 7 vote tiles
  • 12 Desperation tokens
  • 1 Start Player hammer miniature
  • 150 Wooden Ancestry markers
  • 65 wooden Influence hands
  • 125 Troll miniatures
  • 25 Champion miniatures
  • 30 Gnome miniatures + stickers
  • 1 Swarm miniature
  • 1 wooden Wheel pawn
  • 5 wooden Skull score markers
  • Gnotorious Gnomes mini-expansion
  • Custom Game Trayz inserts
  • 1 Main Rulebook
  • 1 Solo Mode Rule Book
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