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Farside Games

Epic Seven Arise

Epic Seven Arise

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Orbis, the God of Nature, was severely attacked in the Celestial War and nearly perished. Diche, the Goddess of Life, has saved the land of Orbis and given new life to every living thing in it. But it will not last long, for her power is slowly fading.
Player will take on the role of the heroes and protect the land of Orbis from the Archdemon and the Acolytes.

Each player will enter the role of the heirs, beings created by the Goddess of Life, Diche, to protect the world of Orbis from the Archdemon and the Acolytes.
Each hero comes with a skill deck representing their unique set of skills to the table. You need to use your skills well if you intend to defeat the Archdemon.

During play, heroes must manage their actions and coordinate with the team, moving to the locations under the most threat and doing battle with enemies. Finding time to recover and purchase items between engagements as they prepare to defeat the monsters and enemies.

★ Strong Table Presence - Feature 32 highly detailed miniatures, over one hundred cards and 255 game components. It takes the player on a journey to the 7th worl of Epic Seven!
★ Supported by a Strong License - Farside Games took the baseline concept for the mobile game and ran with it in Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game, building upon the mobile game’s memorable character and epic action to build a tense, thrilling board game experience for 1-4 players.
★ Solo Play & Replayability -The game has multiple chapters, and each of them has a similar structure of main plot and side quests. If any hero dies during the round, it will have penalty but they can revive in the next round. As long as one of you is still alive, you still have a chance to win and get the highest score to be the ultimate winner in the team. The chapters are all standalone and not contingent on being played in a certain order or with the same players.

• 1 Rulebook
• 1 Merchant Dashboard
• 1 Adventure Dashboard
• 4 Dice
• 8 Hero Character Cards
• 8 Meeples
• 12 Enemy Attack Cards
• 20 Map Tiles
• 36 Skystones
• 32 Highly Detailed Miniatures
• 76 Skill Cards
• 30 Artifact Cards
• 207 Cardboard Tokens
• 6 Chapter Boxes
• 6 Setting Cards
• 15 Cardboard Tokens
• 20 Story Cards
• 23 Encounter Tokens
• 68 Game Cards
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