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Diluvium - (Pre-Order)

Diluvium - (Pre-Order)

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In Diluvium, a new game by Nuts Publishing, you step into the role of a powerful civilization's leader, navigating the aftermath of a great flood that has reshaped the world. Your goal is to explore and settle the remaining islands, gather resources, and amass gold to ensure your civilization's dominance. Players choose from four actions on their turn: explore, settle, produce, and engage in combat. The game ends when any resource pool is exhausted, and the player with the most gold in their reserves is declared the winner. Each decision you make impacts your civilization's survival and prosperity. Set in a time when continents have drowned and empires struggle to survive, Diluvium challenges you to lead your people to new lands. As you encounter other civilizations also vying for control, strategic planning and resource management become crusial. Uncover the mysteries of the ancient empire of Mu to gain an edge over your rivals. This game supports 2 to 4 players, allowing for competitive play where each civilization fights for supremacy. Additionally, a solo mode offers a unique campaign where your choices shape the path of your empire. Face the consequences of your actions in a dynamic and engaging solo experience.

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